For Daniel

by Suzanne on October 1, 2012

Dan's October Soup

Odd, isn’t it? You meet someone through a mutual  passion or because you like the same things by joining a group of like minds and become fast friends.  Maybe not bosom buddies, but you develop a sense of the person – some of their likes, dislikes, work ethic, sense of humor, their expertise and learn a bit about their families. Such is, or was, my friendship with Daniel. We met through a foodie group and ended up that he was in my Group B of the Secret Recipe Club.  Daniel and his wife Meredith blog over at The Haggis and The Herring.  Daniel always prepared something great and was always timely with his blog posts.  He offered to help anyone within any of the groups if they were having difficulties with a technical issue.  He discussed helping everyone by auditing blogs and then targeting issues that would give everyone some great pointers about their own blogs.  Always kind, always helpful, and always straight forward.  My kinda guy – and friend. He took great admiration and care for his family, his wife Meredith and his two young children and the child they are expecting soon.  You can read Meredith’s eulogy and tribute to Daniel here.  It is an amazing and loving look at Daniel and their life together. In order to pay tribute to Daniel, many of his foodie friends have gotten together today to pay tribute to his life and friendship.  I couldn’t resist a couple of his recipes.  I hope you enjoy as much as we did. What a great way to pay tribute with . . . 5.0 from 8 reviews Print Dan’s October Soup Author: Adapted by Suzanne Collier Recipe type: soup, appetizer Prep time:  15 mins Cook time:  45 mins Total time:  1 hour Serves: 4-6   This is a light, delicious autumn soup that is very easy to make. It has a very rich taste with lots of depth in flavors. It is now one of my favorites! Ingredients 1 butternut squash 1 rutabaga 1 medium sized Yukon Gold Potato 15 small, peeled Baby Carrots 2 Celery Stalks (cut in half) 2 c. Vegetable or Chicken Stock 2 tsp Ground Ginger 1 Tbsp Garam Masala 2 Bay Leaves Water Milk or Cream Instructions Microwave the squash whole for about 2 minutes. Let the squash cool a bit and then peel and cube the squash, rutabaga, potato and carrots. […]