Creamy Greek Salad Dressing

How many times have you started to fix a big, beautiful salad and realized that: 1.  Some people don’t like tomatoes 2.  Some people really want tomatoes 3.  Half of the people love anchovies 4.  Half of the people hate anchovies 5.  No olives, please 6.  How many different kinds of olives do you have?  I want them all! 7.  Love cheese on my salad 8.  Don’t do dairy of any kind Just about the only thing that everyone can agree on is that Romaine Lettuce is good. (Although there was a time that Mountain Man thought that the only good lettuce was Iceberg, cut very, very thin like his mama fixes it. . . . . ) I digress. My assignment for this month’s Secret Recipe Club was none other than the famous Maria who is the author of the blog, Staying  Close To Home.  Maria isn’t just a food blogger, you can find all kinds of things on her blog from product reviews to how to create and decorate a custom pet food container.  She has 3 absolutely gorgeous children, a handsome husband, a cat and a simply beautiful Golden Retriever.  If I could describe Maria’s blog in only a couple of words, I would say it is “diverse but simple, in a down-to-earth kinda way.  My kind of lady!! She has lots of great recipes and I really struggled trying to decide what to make.  But then my family wanted pizza. They know better than to think I would make one from scratch, but if we order take out from our favorite Italian place, then what better to go with that pizza than a great salad.  And an even better salad dressing!! I just about refuse to buy commercially bottled salad dressing these days.  First, I have thyroid disease.  Hashimoto’s, to be specific.  One of the worst foods for me is ANYTHING soy.  Seems that soy products can interfere with the absorption rate of my medication.  And I have such a hard time keeping my thyroid hormones where they should be, that the last thing I need is to contribute to the problem. Have you looked at the ingredients in a bottle of salad dressing?!?!  The main ingredient, in most, is vegetable oil.  No, doesn’t that sound harmless.  I mean, how bad can vegetable oil be for you, right?  Well, vegetable oil is just a nice name for […]