December 2011

Citrus Asian Chicken and Southwestern Creamed Corn

I know, your first thought is, “What the What?!?!?! How can two such different dishes go on the same plate together?  Well, it’s a bit of a stretch, but not all that much.  Here’s how this twosome became a yummy pair. I soooooooooooooo love being in the Secret Recipe Club.  It gives me an opportunity to really explore other blogs, recipes and take a moment to get to know the blogger.  And it forces me out of my coma and into the real world.  Well, at least the real cyber world. This month my SRC assignment was The Pajama Chef Sarah.  She and her husband, Ben, are always whipping up something fabulous in the kitchen.  Newly weds of two years they have already reached a few compromises in their lives together.  Ben loves to lift weights and so he forces convinces her that lifting weights is something she should be doing, too.  Sarah loves to run and has forced convinced him to run with her.  I think they have got this marriage thing all figured out! The other thing I love is finding out how someone decided to name their blog.  Well, among her loves in life which include her husband and peanut butter, she also loves lounging in her pajamas.  In fact, Sarah says, “If it was socially acceptable, I would wear pajamas 24/7!” I feel the same way about my sweats, although in the Texas heat, 24/7 would only be practical about 3 days out of the year. While browsing through this blog, I had lots and lots of choices.  I decided on the Lime-Soy Chicken because, well, it was just what my taste buds were looking for.  Lime-Soy Chicken was a recipe of which Ben created and blogged and one that I couldn’t resist.  Another recipe that caught my eye was Aunt Charlotte’s Tex-Mex Corn.  Most of you know about my love for all things with Hatch Green Chile, so once again, I couldn’t resist. I was thrilled with the results!  Maybe not the two dishes that YOU would have paired, but for me they both really hit my spot. “Spot” is very important, don’t you think? Oh, and a personal note to Sarah:  Don’t sweat coordinating side dishes to be ready at the same time as the main dish.  Just keep cooking and working through it and before you know it you will amaze yourself!  With a microwave or […]