August 2011

Tortellini Primavera (SRC Special)

by Suzanne on August 17, 2011

DSC_0385A (800x536)

It is wonderfully amazing to be a part of people coming together who don’t even really know each other to support one of their own!  In this instance there are a dozen or so bloggers getting together to blog about one of our fellow bloggers who was kinda left hanging.  The person who was assigned her blog backed out on reveal day leaving her an orphan of the reveal.  So, in order to show our support of “Connor’s Cooking” there are several of us that have put together a post using one of Connor’s recipes that we chose to make. It’s just what we do.  Rally to help out a friend. No, there is no major tragedy involved here.  Just good old-fashioned friendship. It seems that more and more people are becoming secluded in their own world.  We try to socialize our dogs, but forget about ourselves.  Companionship and friendship are sooooo underrated.  We feel better about ourselves when we care about others. It’s a fact. Nurturing friendships isn’t always easy.  It’s really no different than working to make and keep your marriage going strong.  Regardless of how often, or not, they call you or drop in to say “have a good day”, it isn’t a one-way street.  YOU have to make a selfless effort to keep it going.  Communicate, reach out and touch someone, call them for no reason at all, just check in and say hello is as important as a good night’s sleep.   And THAT is important. Such is this group called the Secret Recipe Club.  It’s not all that old, but we are all tied to each other by one big important element in our lives . . . FOOD! Of course, food isn’t really what it is ALL about.  Families gather at special holidays for that big turkey, homemade caramel apples, a favorite birthday cake, and potluck family reunions.  It’s really all about family. So here is my contribution to my SRC family and to Connor’s Cooking.  The choices were many, but this “Tortellini Primavera” really grabbed me.  Not to mention I had most of the ingredients on hand.  And I didn’t just make this, I ATE this and had to make myself stop eating. Then I took two more bites. THEN I stopped eating. WOW, this is GREAT! Quick, simple, and can be made with real butter or margarine, heavy cream or skim […]