July 2010

Best EVER BBQ Ribs!

by Suzanne on July 26, 2010

I found this recipe back in the May 2001 issue of Southern Living Magazine. Ripped out the pages that went with the recipe and made them on several occasions over the years. Two years ago I mistakenly dumped the recipe in the trash while I was de-contaminating “my study”. MM has his own. I really get in a dither about cleaning out things and throwing stuff away. I used to be a semi-hardcore packrat. Now, I am The Trash Queen! Seems an even worse affliction when we are on the road and I don’t have my 39-gallon trash can. I don’t think the one in our RV even holds 3 gallons. That just means that MM is taking out the trash (or me when he is in a tiff about how much trash I “create”) at least twice a day. Yep. Twice. Sometimes thrice. And speaking of trash, I’ve been amazed. And a bit disheartened on this trip from the Mid-West to the Southwest. When we went to the Northeast last year, a.k.a. Schenectady, NY to Pittsburgh and points inbetween here and there – recycling was HUGE! They even handed you recycle bags when you checked in at the campgrounds – although I always had to go back for more. Remember, The Queen of Trash. That’s me. However, on this trip to the Mid-West and Southwest, not ONE place has any accommodations for recycling. Not one! From Wichita, KS to Minneapolis, MN – all over the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, back through Minnesota, over to South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. Now, I’m not a big tree hugger, but I do like trees and think our environment is important. I think recycling is important and saving our landfills for biodegradables is important. But, come on! How many states are not with the program? Disturbing, actually. OK, where was I. Oh yes! RIBS!!! Let’s “dispose” of some ribs! So, here’s the recipe. I followed it exactly the first time and they were so good that I follow the recipe exactly every time. I’m so excited that I found this and can share with you, but I’m also posting this so I never lose it again. I don’t have any pics, yet. But when I do I will post for you. Meanwhile, you’ll just have to settle for a few more “On The Road” pics. Baby Loin Back Ribs Southern Living Magazine […]