April 2010


by Suzanne on April 29, 2010

Don’t you just love getting a 2-fer? I’ll sometimes go for this even when it was not actually on my list of things to get. It’s an impulse buy that is hard to walk away from. It’s kinda that way with leftovers. I think I’ve become the Queen of Leftovers. There are only two of us that I cook for regularly. It is very difficult for me to “Cook for Two” without leftovers just because there is a certain economy of scale that comes into play when you fix for more people – especially the TIME involved. It takes just about as much time to prepare and cook two yellow squash as it does five or six! Then, I can fix squash casserole, squash and potato cakes, throw in the leftover squash to a stew or just have plain squash leftovers. (Sorry for all the squash talk – I know several people that don’t care for squash at all. Weirdness abounds.) Today’s post is a “2-fer”. Fer YOU! And it all starts with just a pound of ground round, or sirloin, or chuck, or angus. Whatever you want your ground beef to be. It’s all up to you. And both of these are delightfully easy and delicious and very satisfying. My husband is NOT a bell pepper fan – except when I make Tasty Stuffed Peppers. Then he loves them, but not more than about three times a year. When I made them the other day, they were exceptionally good. I changed things up – as I am prone to do – but this time I actually wrote down what I did. Novel idea. AND I took a picture. See, I’m getting better at this. Although I did forget to take a pic of the actual finished product. Such is life. I started out to make four and one of the bell peppers was not looking too good on the inside when I cut it open, so it got trashed. Now we have three. Still, plenty for the two of us. I ate the third one the next day for lunch. These babies are packed! I only used one-half of the Ground Beef Mixture for the Stuffed Bell Peppers. The other half made my now famous – or infamous – Loose Meat Sliders! YUM! We’ll start with the Stuffed Bell Peppers and work our way to the Sliders. Here goes! […]